Ginseng Revitalise & Improve Overall Health Herbal Soup 人参滋补元气汤


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• Easy-to-prepare • Natural Ingredients • Vegetarian • No MSG/Seasoning • No Preservatives • No Additives • No Artificial Colouring


• Ingredients

Ginseng, Radix Codonopsis, Astragalus Root, Radix Ophiopogonis, Chinese Yam, Poria, Red Dates, Goji Berry, Dried Longan & Salt.


• Benefits

Improve overall health, invigorate the Qi, reduce fatique, soothe the mind & improve concentration, harmonize the five internal organs, strengthen the body & boost immunity.


• Note

Suitable for all ages. Not suitable for individuals with allergies, high blood pressure, during menstruation, on medication and the sick. Pregnant women should consult a physician before consumption.

Generally, it is not recommended for children with good physique and healthy to eat ginseng. However, children with weak constitution and certain development problems can eat ginseng, but the dosage must be strictly controlled.

** It is not advisable to drink tea or eat radishes together with ginseng soup. Because both of these foods have the effect of promoting qi, and ginseng greatly replenishes vitality, and the effect is eliminated.

** Avoid eating ginseng and grapes together. Grapes contain tannic acid, which can easily combine with the protein in ginseng to form a precipitate, which affects absorption and reduces the efficacy of the herbs.


** Disclaimer : Not a substitute for medicine. Results vary from person to person.


• Preparations

1. Rinse 1 soup sachet with water. Add soup sachet & 300ml boiling / hot water into a thermos. Brew for 2 hours and ready to be served. Re-brew up to 2-3 times. or

2. Add 500ml water & 1 soup sachet into a pot & simmer with low heat for 20-30 minutes.


• Storage Information
Recommended to keep refrigerated to maintain freshness up to 8 months. Refer to the packaging for the expiry date.


• Reminder

It is normal for the soup bag to be slightly damp due to some of the moisture from the herbs.


• Origin
Freshly packed to order in Malaysia.




• 方便准备 • 天然材料 • 适合素食者 • 无调味料 • 无防腐剂 • 无添加剂 • 无色素


• 成份

人参、党参、黄芪、麦冬、淮山、茯神、红枣、枸杞、桂圆 & 少许盐。


• 功效

滋补元气、大补元气、消除疲劳、安神益智、调和五脏 & 增强身体免疫力。


• 注意

老少皆宜。  过敏体质者、月经期间、高血压患者、 正在服药者及患病者不宜饮用。孕妇 应在饮用前咨询医生。

一般体质好、发育健全、健康的儿童是不建议食用人参的。 但是如果体质弱的、发育存在一定问题的儿童就可以吃人参、但要严格控制用量。

** 吃人参时不宜喝茶、吃萝卜。因为这两种食物都有行气的作用、而人参大补元气、进补后又把它的作用排除、等于白吃。

** 人参忌与葡萄同吃。葡萄中含有鞣酸、极易与人参中的蛋白质结合生成沉淀、影响吸收而降低药效。


** 免责声明 : 不代替药物治疗。效果因人而异。


• 饮用方式

1. 将1包汤袋冲洗一遍。汤袋和300毫升沸水/热水放入保温瓶中。冲泡2小时即可饮用。重复冲泡 2-3 次。或者

2. 将1包汤袋和500毫升水放入锅中 、小火煮20-30分钟即可饮用。


• 储存方式

阴凉干燥处 建议冷藏保存。开封后冷藏保存。 保质期8个月。请参阅包装了解有效期。


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