Ginseng Root Reduce Heat Herbal Soup 洋参须清补汤


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Regular Pack 普通装 : 20g/克 x 7sachets/袋
Big Pack 优惠装 : 20g/克 x 30sachets/袋

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• Easy-to-prepare • Natural Ingredients • Vegetarian • No MSG/Seasoning • No Preservatives • No Additives • No Artificial Colouring


• Ingredients

Ginseng Root, Astragalus Root, Polygonatum Odoratum, Chinese Yam, Radix Codonopsis, Red Dates, Goji Berry, Dried Longan & Salt.


• Benefits

Clears heat, nourishes and strengthens the body, regulates the Qi & boosts immunity.


• Note
Suitable for elderly, menopausal women and physically weak individuals. Not suitable for pregnant women, during menstruation, individuals with high blood pressure, on medication, the sick and individuals with allergies.


** Disclaimer : Not a substitute for medicine. Results vary from person to person.


• Preparations

1. Rinse 1 soup sachet with water. Add soup sachet & 300ml boiling / hot water into a thermos. Brew for 2 hours and ready to be served. Re-brew up to 2-3 times. or

2. Add 500ml water & 1 soup sachet into a pot & simmer with low heat for 20-30 minutes.


• Storage Information
Recommended to keep refrigerated to maintain freshness up to 8 months. Refer to the packaging for the expiry date.


• Reminder

It is normal for the soup bag to be slightly damp due to some of the moisture from the herbs.


• Origin
Freshly packed to order in Malaysia.




• 方便准备 • 天然材料 • 适合素食者 • 无调味料 • 无防腐剂 • 无添加剂 • 无色素


• 成份

洋参须、北芪、玉竹、淮山、党参、红枣、枸杞、桂圆 & 少许盐。


• 功效

清热清补、降火消暑、滋补强身、调理气血 & 增强体质免疫力。


• 注意

皆宜老人、更年期妇女、久病体虚的人群食用。 不适宜孕妇、月经期间、高血压患者、正在服药期间、患病者、过敏体质者。


** 免责声明 : 不代替药物治疗。效果因人而异。


• 饮用方式

1. 将1包汤袋冲洗一遍。汤袋和300毫升沸水/热水放入保温瓶中。冲泡2小时即可饮用。重复冲泡 2-3 次。或者

2. 将1包汤袋和500毫升水放入锅中 、小火煮20-30分钟即可饮用。


• 储存方式

阴凉干燥处 建议冷藏保存。开封后冷藏保存。 保质期8个月。请参阅包装了解有效期。


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